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Solar energy

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The hospital management is in urgent need of more doctors to cope with the enormous workload. But, these doctors need housing. At the moment there are no doctors houses available. Furthermore, due to climate change waterlevels in the dam drop to extremely low levels towards the end of the year, causing power cuts. The hospital needs a new generator on the very short term and to convert to solar energy on the longer term.

The partners of St Francis’ Hospital have joined forces to assist the hospital  to the best of their abilities. 

Projects Overview

  • Modernisation of the hospital through the rehabilitation of buildings and installation of modern equipment
  • Ensuring sustainable sources of power in view of climate change
  • Improvement of water & sanitation
  • Establishment of an Oxygen plant in order to be self reliant in oxygen supply
  • Installation of a CT scan and establishment of a renal unit.
  • Housing for visiting doctors
  • Upgrading Nursing school to university level

Three current projects


We need 70 people willing to donate € 50,-
Any other amount or long term sponsoring welcome.

Sudden power cuts endanger patients’ lives. And power cuts happen more frequently since lack of rain causes the water in the dam to drop to precarious levels.

Normally if a power cut occurs, the generator takes over to provide for the operating theatre and life saving devices. However, the old diesel generator is no longer reliable. It frequently breaks down. The hospital grant St Francis’ receives from the government hardly covers patient care and to worsen things, the grant is erratic: often takes several months without being received, causing severe problems. It is obvious that this money is insufficient to also invest in a new generator, let alone to invest in solar energy for a safe and reliable supply of electricity.

Your assistance will help towards the purchase of an urgently needed new generator and support our solar power project. 


We need all the young 50 doctors and student doctors to contribute whatever amount they can spare.

Many young doctors and student doctors have worked and learned at St Francis’. They all agree in retrospect: their time at this hospital was a life changing experience.
However, since the workload ever increases and more doctors are being employed, housing for students and particularly young doctors has become a serious problem. The hospital management makes an appeal to every young doctor, student or visitor to contribute towards this project. 

The housing situation has been a problem for quite some time now. Fortunately the students are not particular and are willing to share a rondavel. Young doctors stay longer and need more space and comfort.

Your contribution towards this project is more than welcome. Donate now or sponsor our Housing and student accommodation project..


We only need 10 people per month to donate € 25,- to ensure a safe supply of drugs. Any other amount or long term sponsoring welcome.

A major challenge in theater is the endless shortage of drugs, medical supplies and other materials (surgical gloves, sutures, gauze, povidone, etc) necessary for the smooth operation of theater.

Expensive theater drugs such as Halothane, Ketamine and so forth, are not adequately supplied by Medical stores, which force the hospital to resort to buying on the open market. Since they are very expensive, and given the inadequate grant received, the hospital is not able to buy adequate quantities, which causes regular shortages and crisis. As a result of shortages of medical supplies, the hospital has on several occasions suspended some electives (non-emergency operations). If this trend continues, it will negatively affect our standing as the best health care service provider in the province and across, generally.

Your contribution towards this project is more than welcome. Donate now or sponsor our Drugs and Equipment Project.

We provide medical care to improve the lives of all people in the eastern province